Loris: garage rock band

Loris Biography

The seeds of Loris were sown in 1986, when Bruce Ferguson turned up to play drums with guitarist and singer/songwriter Jim Byrne, then fronting a lively kind of country rock band called Dexter Slim And The Pick-Ups. This band metamorphosed after a few years into The Hemingways, reflecting a move towards a more heavy rock style. They were joined also by David Rodger on guitar and played here and there about Glasgow. Then, around the mid-90's, David left to front the Brown Family and Bruce to front and play percussion in Spong, a quite theatrical sort of avant garde rock combo.

Meanwhile, these three continued to play in an acoustic outfit which went by the name of Banjaree, and they were joined on bass by Jim's brother Peter. Eventually Peter went down to London to study for a degree in musical instrument building and repair, and after that everyone went their separate ways for a while.

It was then 2002, when Peter came back from London and was looking for a band to join, that he consulted Jim and Bruce, who were jamming together sometimes with various oddbods, and they formed Loris. David then came back to play guitar with his old mates again (David and Peter having gone to school together) but after a couple of years his commitment to a full time proper grown-up job meant he had no time for the stresses and strains of performing in a rock band and he left.

Loris decided against striving to find a replacement and continue now as a three piece unit playing energetic and entertaining rock music, ready to show their mettle and strut their stuff any time!