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Loris win battle of bands heat!

Added on Thursday 24 Apr 2008

Loris have won a place in the quarter finals of Ayrplay, Burns showcase for new bands.

Playing in battle of the bands type competitions isn't something we've done too often (I can only think of one other occasion) - but we fancied this one because it's connected with the 'BURNS AN A THAT! FESTIVAL'. We also liked the idea of being tagged a 'new band'.

We played in the first heat on Tuesday evening in a pub called, Fanny By Gaslight in Kilmarnock. Seemed to go down well.


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congratulations loric for having a place in Ayrplayit is a big achievement for you

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aanrechtblad | Wed Sep 21 2016

Thanks for the interest guys. The band no longer records but all the members are still busy playing music. We have a lot of unreleased music; some of which I occasionally post on Soundcloud: search '1234567 - Loris Rock' on Soundcloud to hear a great track. Jim

Jim Byrne | Sat Dec 19 2015

I now your band from youtube and I search your site and find here. You have great music but unfortunately you never update your website again since 2008, and know it has been 7 years.

makeup artist jakarta | Fri Dec 18 2015

It has been while since I never come to your site again. I never heard about your music update. where are you now? If you are still exist, please update your new music in this site.

Bus Pariwisata Yogyakarta | Fri Dec 18 2015

Hi Loris Band, do you still exist? because I never heard about you again. Your music is amazing. Hope you are still exist in somewhere there.

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